Tahrir II (english)

While the first part of the presidential elections was taking place in egypt, new graffiti were made all around the Tahrir place. Cairo’s graffiti artists offered a rebuttal to city authorities on 24th of May. The authorities had removed the well known mural featuring just Tantawi and Mubarak in „Mohamed Mahmoud Street“. So the young artists repainted it. Adding Moussa and Shafiq, placed in the background. The young people expected that after the elections all the graffiti in Cairo would be removed or whitewashed. So they started to whitewash their streetart themselves. The sarcastic phrase they wrote on the wall and that covers now some parts of the older graffitit means: „Forget about the past and be intent on the elections“ or „Forget about past history and stay focussed on the elections.“

Unfortunately, I was very busy that day and could not wait until the young people had finished their new paintings. When I came back a week later, the city was too crowded to go to Tahrir Square.

But there were a lot of other people with cameras in Cairo that day and you can find some more pictures and informations in internet:








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